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International conference Call For Papers (Updated: 2023-01-06 20:54:13)

  1. Frontiers in Medical Science Research-2022-12-09
  2. Frontiers in Sport Research-2022-12-09
  3. Academic Journal of Environment & Earth Science-2022-12-09
  4. Academic Journal of Medicine & Health Sciences-2022-12-09
  5. International Journal of New Developments in Engineering and Society-2022-12-09
  6. Academic Journal of Mathematical Sciences-2022-12-09
  7. Academic Journal of Agriculture & Life Sciences-2022-12-09
  8. Academic Journal of Materials & Chemistry-2022-12-09
  9. Academic Journal of Architecture and Geotechnical Engineering-2022-12-09
  10. Advances in Transdisciplinary Engineering-2022-12-08
  11. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics-2022-12-08
  12. SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering-2022-12-08
  13. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering(LNEE)-2022-12-08
  14. Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies-2022-12-08
  15. IOP Conference Series: Journal of Physics-2022-12-08
  16. Journal of Innovation and Development-2022-12-08
  17. Academic Journal of Management and Social Sciences-2022-12-08
  18. International Journal of Biology and Life Sciences-2022-12-08
  19. International Journal of Energy-2022-12-08
  20. Journal of Education and Educational Research-2022-12-08
  21. Highlights in Art and Design-2022-12-08
  22. Frontiers in Computing and Intelligent Systems-2022-12-08
  23. Academic Journal of Science and Technology-2022-12-08
  24. International Journal of Education and Humanities-2022-12-08
  25. Frontiers in Business, Economics and Management-2022-12-08
  26. Frontiers in Humanities and Social Sciences-2022-12-08
  27. Frontiers in Science and Engineering-2022-12-08
  28. Frontiers in Economics and Management-2022-12-08
  29. Scientific Journal of Intelligent Systems Research-2022-12-08
  30. Scientific Journal of Technology-2022-12-08
  31. Scientific Journal Of Humanities and Social Sciences-2022-12-08
  32. Scientific Journal of Economics and Management Research-2022-12-08
  33. International Journal of Social Science and Education Research-2022-12-08
  34. World Scientific Research Journal-2022-12-08
  35. Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management-2022-12-08
  36. Computer Life-2022-12-08< li>International Core Journal of Engineering-2022-12-08
  37. 《International Journal of Science》(IJS)-2022-12-08
  38. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications-2022-06-22
  39. Advances in Transdisciplinary Engineering-2022-06-22
  40. Communications in Computer and Information Science-2022-06-22
  41. Environmental Science and Engineering-2022-06-22
  42. Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering-2021-11-02
  43. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering-2021-09-10
  44. Structural Durability & Health Monitoring-2021-09-10
  45. Applied Sciences-2021-09-10
  46. Electronics-2021-09-10
  47. CMC-Computers, Materials & Continua-2021-09-09